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Jobs With The Watersheet

Foundational work on business plans and technology for Watersheet has been done prior to establishing a company structure. Watersheet is seeking a few key individuals to join the company in this very early stage. Individuals joining the Watersheet effort prior to incorporation have a chance to participate in early, important decisions about company strategy and will also have the opportunity to participate in the rewards inherent successful early efforts. If you think you qualify for a key role in this enterprise please contact us.



If you are interested in building a company from the ground up Watersheet may be your opportunity. The technology is straightforward. The basic product is simple. The product has value. Beyond the basic product Watersheet has permutations and variations that also have value. The market is very large. The company potential is very large. Watersheet represents a chance to save lives, property and to make money.

The Watersheet enterprise needs a CEO.

As CEO you will be responsible forr managing all business and operational aspects of the company and manage the aggressive and successful growth of the company. Areas of responsibility include:

  • Operations
  • Business Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Capital

We expect the CEO to have:

  • 10+ years experience in a senior management position
    • Including 5+ years in a senior role with P&L responsibility
    • Experience in consumer product sales a plus
  • Strong analytical thinking, problem solving and communications skills
  • Familiarity with product manufacturing & outsourcing
  • A willingness to assist in the sales of the company on an ongoing basis
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • An ability to anticipate, set, & manage priorities, resources, goals & projects
  • A team player with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Critical thinking about new business opportunities including:
    • New revenue models
    • External strategic partnerships
    • Providing return on investments
  • An ability to appropriately tackle initiatives that offer the greatest opportunity to expand the business
  • An advanced degree or equivalent

Vice President of North American Sales and Marketing

The Vice President of North American Sales and Marketing must be able and willing to build a gound-up sales and marketing organization for consumer sales. This role will initially cover all aspects of sales beyond consumer marketing. Entraprenurial experience is required.

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