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Information for Investors

The Watersheet is an invention in the very early stages of development, particularly the business development is early stage.

The first full description of the technology, the IP protection, the market and the business has been developed. That plan is available only for a limited audience. If you are interested in investment or joining the core initial development team please contact us at our contect page.

Soon details of developments to date, the development plan, investment opportunities and potential futures of the enterprise will be give here. If you can't wait, contact.

You will find a basic video introduction to the Watersheet, a construction video which illustrates the ease of manufacture, and a high intensity flame test below. Those videos set the context for the business to be developed.

Video Introductions

Video Overview of the Watersheet.

This video shows the basic watersheet concept. It protected out test structure very well. We are very happy with these very first results.

Introduction to the Watersheet

Simple Construction of First Test Prototype

Making the Watersheet is a simple proposition. The basic materials are sheet plastic. The basic construction technique is thermal welding. This is the same way that garbage bags, bubble wrap, sealed food packaging (including home bagging of food) are all done. The underlying cost structure is very low. While

While we were making the first prototype of the Watersheet we made a video. This shows how simple the Watersheet is to produce, even by hand. The manufacturing process uses very inexpensive materials, is simple to do, uses low-cost standard industrial processes and lends itself to a high degree of automation. After making this video we made a workbench that made handbuilding prototypes very efficient.

Building the First Prototype

The High Intensity Flame Demonstration

Before we made a small working prototype we made a section of a Watersheet and tested it with a hot flame. This was a very early demonstration of the Watersheet. A small Watersheet sample was made with tiled water pockets. It was placed on an angled surface and filled with water. A propane torch, normally used for soldering pipes, was lit and applied to it. The watersheet absorbed all the energy from the blue flame of the torch. The pockets deformed around their top edges. With the largest, hottest flame that the torch could produce the pockets deformed a bit and yet still absorbed the energy. The water in the pockets became hot to the touch and were steaming slightly.

High Intensity Flame Test

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